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Trends to follow in SEO for the year 2021 – Meridian IT Solutions

Meridian stands as one of the leading Best Seo Agency In Dubai & we’re also famous for the reads that we share on online platforms regarding the different trends & updates in digital marketing.

Today with the help of this read we’re planning to share some of the trends that you need to look for when doing SEO for the year 2021.

This read not only aims in helping you with the trends but also to help you to know how to implement those trends so that your SEO services stand out from the rest.

SEO Trends to follow in 2021 – Meridian IT Solutions

1) Understanding the changing user-behaviour & web searches –

2020 has changed the user-behaviour & searches all around the world. 

And so to get a cutting edge in 2021 one must understand the user search behaviour & thereby providing them with the exact answers to the search queries.

The SEO professionals will only become successful by understanding the searchers’ needs & how a user thinks when he/she is performing a search. 

This will help you to plan & work your SEO activities accordingly. The search engines will only work for delivering the best results for every possible search. 

And so it’s always good to keep your website with –

  • Optimised contents – A website with exact answers to whatever the people are searching for creates a positive impression for your website. Don’t go on loops with your content, always keep your answer short & crisp. 
  • Good page-speed- A quick website i.e a website with high speeds always delivers the best user-experience & gives the user the exact answer at the earliest.

2) Consider the impact of voice in the search queries –

With innovations of AI assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search & it’s technology is continuously evolving & changing. 

According to a report, the percentage of households predicted to possess a smart speaker by 2022 is 55%.

And, to optimize for voice search one must consider a major change in the creating & implanting the keywords to the website. 

  • Voice searches tend to do better with long-tail keywords and the phrases that sound more natural in day to day conversation.

For example – 

If a person is looking for the best SEO services/company in Dubai. 

Here’s how the normal search will work – He/she will be using the possible keyphrases like the best SEO company in Dubai or any other kind of combination. 

But, in the case of voice search, the query or the keyphrases possibly changes to a questionnaire with “Wh words”.

Here’s how the search phrase will change for the above example –

  • Where can I get the best SEO services in Dubai?

So, the impact of voice search is something that one cannot ignore. So to plan & create your keywords by considering the above points.

3) Mobile responsiveness of your website –

In the year 2019 Google rolled out the Google Mobile Indexing and so the search engine considers the mobile version of the website of your website as primary. 

The change was implemented as nearly 73% of internet users access the internet via their smartphones or mobile devices.

But still, most of the SEO professional take this trend for granted but it’s now high time to consider the mobile responsiveness of your website 

Wondering how to check the mobile effectiveness of the website on mobile?

Here’s how you can check – 

Also, keep an eye on the “mobile usability” report in Google Search Console.

4) Lengthy content plays a vital role in better SERPs-

According to an article in SEMRUSH- 

  • The long reads with 3000+ words get 3 times of traffic & 4 times more shares than normal read with 800-1300 words. 

Also, it is noticed that when starting focusing on long-form content to achieve higher web search ranking but at the same time the length only doesn’t give you cutting edge & quality of the content also matters. 

So when creating content keep the above-listed points in mind. 

Wondering how this can be achieved or how to create a long quality rich content?

Here’re some of the points to keep in mind when creating content – 

  • Break your content down into different sections using H1, H2 etc this makes it easy & more scannable & readable. 
  • Linking to relevant, authoritative sources creates a good authority score.
  • The shareability of your content matters a lot so always ensure that the content is very much easy to share. 
  • Always begin with a decent introduction & end with a strong conclusion that justifies the whole read.

5) The Featured Snippets-

The feature snippets were rolled out in the year of 2017 & from then on the trend is continuously in-demand & is evolving so this trend is something that needs to be concentrated. 

Wondering how snippets can help you? 

  • The featured snippets are a great way to make your way to the top of web searches. 
  • Featured Snippets helps you steal a great no. of traffic to your website as the snippets give the users a brief idea about the services or product that the user is looking for

You can read more on the same here

The above listed are some of the trends that you need to consider when doing SEO in 2021. We’ll be posting more trends in the coming days as time passes. 

Keep reading & showing your love in the form of comments & shares. 

Knowing trends alone will not help you. You need support from a very prominent digital marketing company or a professional to execute these trends. 

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