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Updated & the latest trends in Website designs for the year 2020- Part 2

As promised before Meridian IT Solutions – Best Website Design Company Dubai is back with the 2nd part of our series blog- Trends in web designs for the year 2020. 

On our last read, we’ve ended our read explaining the bright colours for eCommerce web designs. 

The latest trends in website designs for the year 2020 – Part 2

AI & Voice
  • AI and Voice Interaction UX Design Trend – Yes, it’s time for you to get ready for the next level of UX designs. 

It is said that nearly 65% of the people will tend to speak & make their queries via their voice enabled devices by mid of 2020. 

So what can be done for this?

By AI & UI implementation we’re not asking you to create AI prototype or anything like SIRI or Alexa

Here are two basic things that you can do as a start for embracing the next-gen web designs-   

  1. Optimize the website for voice search – You can make this happen by implating target based long-tail keywords. 
  2. Implement the chatbots to provide faster & reliable customer service via live chat
Outlined Fonts in typography
  • Outlined Fonts in typography – It’s a new trend that one needs to keep a close look for in the coming years.

In this trend, the outline of the text makes up the letters rather than the body. 

The outlined typography generates an eye-catching effect on the way to design headings & add an additional layered texture to your site that easily lends to the 3D effects. 

  • The White Space Frames – The trends like full-screen images & parallax scrolling were popular over last year. And, these trends are not going to end any time soon.

But, White Space frames are something that one must focus one, especially for content-heavy sites.  

It’s a great way of giving your site a great sense of structure and hierarchy alongside bringing the fresh & modern styles to your whole web page.

We hereby conclude the series of the latest trends in web designs for the year 2020.

Meridian Solutions, Best Website Design Company Dubai ensures you that we’ll keep you posted with the latest updates & changes happening. 

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